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3 Gifts Most Likely to Lead to Lawsuits

Christmas is quickly upon us and after years of gift giving it gets hard to be creative. Although family, friends and co-workers certainly appreciate out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to presents, there are times when one needs to consider potential legal repercussions of a unique Christmas present. With that, we present the gifts most likely to lead to lawsuits.

Take the razor blade soap. Yes, that's oh-so-useful hand soap with a razor blade in the middle. After a certain number of washes, the razor blade is available for use, but hopefully not part of one's hygiene regime. When gifting razor-blade soap you may want to consider the potential tort suit to follow.

A second gift most likely to lead to a lawsuit is the increasingly popular but legally questionable laser pointer. The red dot of the laser may be a fun item to play pranks with but it is also a source of an assault and battery suits. Taking the toy to the next level, playing with the laser pointer has also landed the user in federal prison when pointed at airplanes and helicopters.

A third and final gift liability is one many would think of for a co-worker. The office bed chair is essentially a desk chair that reclines all the way back to double as a bed - just like a swanky airplane seat. Sure everyone needs a mid-afternoon nap, but it could also end in a nightmare: getting fired. At a sizeable price tag of $594, no nap is worth a lost job.

So just remember with all your Christmas creativity, to also keep in mind whether the gift is most likely to lead to a lawsuit. Happy Shopping!

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