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Honda Recalls CR-V, Acura ILX Over Door Locks

If you own a Honda CR-V or an Acura ILX may be time for some repairs because Honda has issued a recall.

The company is recalling over 300,000 vehicles worldwide due to problems with the door locking mechanism. The recall is voluntary and no one has reported any injuries or accidents as a result of the problem, a Honda spokesman told Reuters.

In the U.S. that means 166,000 CR-V's and an additional 6,200 ILX's are being recalled for repairs.

So the question car owners want to know: what went wrong?

The recall was made because of a door latch malfunction. If the inside driver or passenger door handles are used at the same time as the power or manual door locks, it may cause the inner door latch to stop working reports Reuters.

That means the door won't actually latch when shut and could open randomly, including while the car is in motion.

Car manufacturers must issue a recall if there is a defect in the car's safety that cause it fall below federal safety guidelines. While Honda's recall was voluntary, had they failed to do so there would have been trouble with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The fact that this recall was issued before anyone reported the problems means that Honda likely discovered the defect themselves. This is especially true given the complex set of steps that would lead up to a malfunction.

Honda is recalling the both the Honda CR-V and the Acura ILX for inspection and repair if necessary. Owners of the affected vehicles should receive recall letters starting in mid-August 2012.

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