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The 10 Car Makers With the Most Recalls in 2013

Which car makers issued the most recalls in 2013?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) has released a list of 2013 vehicle recalls by manufacturer. The list highlights the number of recalls issued by each car manufacturer, along with the total number of vehicles affected by those recalls.

However, NHSTA advises that the list shouldn't be interpreted to reflect what the agency thinks of the manufacturers or their products. The numbers don't factor in or weigh averages based on production, according to NHSTA. (In other words, some of the larger car makers will inevitably have more recalls, or more vehicles affected by recalls, than smaller car companies.)

The Top 10

So which manufacturers made the Top 10 in terms of total vehicles recalled? Here's NHSTA's list:

  1. Toyota -- 15 recalls in 2013, affecting 5.3 million vehicles.
  2. Chrysler -- 36 recalls, 4.7 million vehicles.
  3. Honda -- 15 recalls, 2.8 million vehicles.
  4. Hyundai -- 9 recalls, 2.2 million vehicles.
  5. Ford -- 16 recalls, 1.2 million vehicles.
  6. Kia -- 3 recalls, 1.1 million vehicles.
  7. Nissan -- 17 recalls, 958,148 vehicles.
  8. BMW -- 14 recalls, 934,047 vehicles.
  9. General Motors -- 23 recalls, 757,677 vehicles.
  10. Suzuki -- 4 recalls, 405,605 vehicles.

Can You Sue Over a Recall?

In general, most recalls don't lead to lawsuits, especially if the recall is for a minor part that doesn't result in any injuries.

However, some of the most well-known recall lawsuits are those related to a Toyota recall for accelerator pedal defects. In that case, several people were seriously injured and some were killed in vehicles as a result of a dangerous acceleration defect. Since people were hurt because of those defects, a lawsuit was appropriate.

If your car has been recalled, or if you suffered injuries caused by a recalled vehicle or vehicle part, you may want to consult an experienced motor vehicle defects attorney near you.

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